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  • Did you know the chill of winter can make dental issues worse?

    The coldest days of the year will soon be upon us. The temperatures drop, the days shorten, and many of us just desire to be cozy in the warmth of home. Almost like bears, we’d like to hibernate until spring arrives.

    As winter settles in, there are many we may have on our minds, from preparing for the holidays to making sure the snow blower is ready and gassed up. However, one of the things that should be on everyone’s checklist is to make sure you visit your dentist, especially if you haven’t kept up with your regular cleanings and check-ups.

    Common Winter Dental Issues

    Large, Cracked or Broken Fillings

    Cold liquids and breathing in cold, winter air can cause this pain to jump from irritating to excruciating. During the winter, temperatures frequently drop to below freezing on a daily basis, making it rather painful to breathe while outdoors with a toothache.

    General Tooth Sensitivity

    Often if there is a tooth issue, winter’s chill will amplify it. There are many reasons your teeth could be experiencing sensitivity to hot, cold or pressure:

    • Cracked or broken teeth are present
    • Brushing your teeth and flossing too forcefully can cause the gums to recede.
    • Grinding your teeth, either while you are sleeping or during stressful times can also cause recession.
    • Some people are sensitive to whitening toothpaste and some are sensitive to certain mouthwashes
    • Gum or periodontal disease is present

    Don’t feel like you need to be stuck with tooth sensitivity or pain this winter. Contact us today, schedule an appointment and talk with our team about the sensitivity you are experiencing. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding fluoride to your regular cleanings and checkups, or using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Your dentist will determine if your sensitivity can be turned around by simply using over the counter products such as this, or if you are truly in need of other dental work to ease your pain.

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