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  • When we meet someone new, the first physical trait we notice is the person’s smile. As unfair as it may seem, a person with bad teeth is sometimes viewed as having bad hygiene, just as a spelling error on an application is viewed as less intelligent. Have you been pondering Bloomington Invisalign as a solution?

    Some adults feel since they are way past the “braces stage,” and that it is too late to change their smiles. However, Ellettsville Dental has a variety of ways to help those lips broaden into a wide smile instead of pursing together in a tight giggle because of shame. We offer multiple choices of clear braces, including Invisalign, which can create beautiful, dramatic changes for smiles in a nearly unnoticeable way. 

    Ellettsville Dental can create beautifully aesthetic changes even while they treat the most routine oral procedures and treatments, which is a benefit for customers needing to bill insurance. Our goal is for our customers’ self-confidence to increase by using the most aesthetically pleasing techniques. Have you been saying to yourself, “I can’t afford changes to my teeth,” or “It is way too late for me to make changes now?” 

    Statistics prove the power of a smile goes well beyond the physical; it helps mentally too. According to the Invisalign Study Survey, 74% of those surveyed feel a person’s smile is important to getting the job of his or her dreams, finding an attractive mate and getting a promotion. More importantly, when a person goes through simple cosmetic changes, and they feel self-confident smiling, and it affects other areas in his or her life in a positive manner. Eliminate those gas station sodas or coffee for a few weeks and the price you would have paid for those wasteful liquids could go for a new you. 

    Call Ellettsville Dental today and let’s chat Invisalign. 

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