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  • Ellettsville & Bloomington Cosmetic Dentistry

  • It’s wonderful to have a smile that looks just as great as it feels. Sadly, though, even perfectly healthy smiles can fall victim to stains, chips, and other common visual flaws over time. That’s where our cosmetic dentistry services comes in at Ellettsville Dental Center in Bloomington Indiana. Our dedicated team is happy to transform and reinvigorate your look with a personalized treatment plan, erasing issues seamlessly and giving you back the self-confidence you deserve.

  • All-Ceramic Restorations

    You don’t have to worry about dealing with a strikingly gold or silver restoration here at Ellettsville Dental Center. Oral health is vital, of course, but we also understand that our patients want results that look as natural and seamless as possible. That’s why our restorative services are equipped with aesthetic benefits as well as functional ones, with crowns, fillings, and other crafted pieces primarily made from porcelain, composite, and other tooth-colored materials. It’s our goal to leave you feeling excited about showing off your new-and-improved smile!

  • Clear Braces and Invisalign

    Adults often feel like they missed their chance to straighten their smile with orthodontic treatment. After all, the last thing they want is to spend years wearing a mouthful of metal that makes them feel like they’re back in junior high. Thankfully, we offer multiple choices of clear braces, including Invisalign, which can create beautiful, dramatic changes for your smile in a nearly unnoticeable way.

  • Contact our Ellettsville, IN dental office to schedule your first appointment! We love welcoming whole families to visit and experience firsthand our team’s traditional, comfortable, and skillful approach to dentistry. At Ellettsville Dental Center, your satisfaction is always our top priority!

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