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  • Ellettsville & Bloomington Crown and Bridge

  • At Ellettsville Dental Center in Bloomington Indiana, our team would like nothing more than to be your trusted partner as you work toward revitalized oral health. That’s why we offer a variety of services designed to correct your unique problems and provide relief, structure, and renewed function to smiles of all shapes and sizes. Crown and bridge treatment is a crucial cornerstone of this care; these services can help patients in cases of cracks, chips, wear and tear, and even missing teeth.


  • Dental Crowns

    Crowns are known for their versatility. They’re precisely designed to effectively “cap” a tooth, erasing cracks, cosmetic flaws, decay, structural damage, and much more if necessary. Better yet, our office focuses primarily on offering all-ceramic crowns, which look nearly identical to natural teeth, resulting in a beautifully seamless appearance. The crown treatment process usually takes a few visits to complete; we’ll provide you with a suitable temporary crown while your new, permanent one is being carefully crafted by a skilled technician. Then, you’ll return to our office so that we can place the new restoration and confirm that you’re completely satisfied and comfortable with your new look.

  • Dental Bridges

    Dental crowns are also an important component of dental bridges, which can be used to replace one or more teeth in a row. The crowns are used as anchors to attach the bridge in the gap alongside healthy adjoining teeth. This teeth replacement solution is not removable, meaning you can enjoy a renewed sense of strength and durability when it comes to your smile.

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